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Do banks issue instant credit cards with-out rejection

No credit organization is engaged in trouble-free lending. Any applicant must be considered, their application form, credit history, and level of solvency are analyzed. The Bank will only approve the application if the probability of a refund is high

In the case of creditcarddumps, the probability of approval is slightly higher than for applications for cash or other types of loans. The product specifics are such that the Bank may initially approve an extremely low limit. For example, if the applicant is in doubt, the Bank will not immediately refuse, it will offer a cardingforum with a limit of 3000-10000 rubles.

Instant credit cards

You should not refuse an offer if the assigned limit does not match your requests. Instead of refusing the application, the Bank gave you a chance to prove that you are a high-quality borrower cardingbuycc

If you use the provided limit and make payments on time, the assigned line will automatically increase in 2-3 months. Gradually, the line can reach 100-200, or even all 300 thousand rubles. The limit depends on the borrower's solvency level

If a Bank promises an instant creditcarddumps, this does not mean that it will issue it to you without rejection. On the contrary, the simpler the product, the lower the probability of approval